How did I get here?

I come from an Iranian family who loves the arts, but more importantly, believes success relies on years of education and commas in your salary. Except for my Mom. She never tried to project her career or hobbies on to me as an artist and cosmetologist.


It was the Spring Hair Show in San Jose of 2009. My mom, a long time cosmetologist and beauty fanatic, decided to take me with her to the show to have company as she learned some new techniques and restocked on products. I was chosen to win a Paul Mitchell straight blade on stage. I nervously walked up stage to grab my fancy new possession even though I didn't even know what it could do. The host asked me "What salon do you work at?" I awkwardly responded "I don't work at a salon". He then asked "Oh, what beauty school do you go to?" and I looked my mom in the eyes in the audience and said "I don't go to beauty school yet, but after coming here today and seeing what you all have learned to do and the skills you're willing to share with new people has inspired me. I'm signing up as soon as I can!" The crowd roared and my mom had a very proud grin on her face. 


I was in high school at the time (middle college, which is a really great program and I would highly suggest it for any teens) and signed up for a private beauty school in San Jose to start my career in the beauty industry. 


I worked in retail cosmetics for a couple of years as I learned what products were out there, and as soon as I got my license, started working as a cosmetologist at Benefit Cosmetics. I waxed eyebrows and other body parts, tanned people, tinted eyelashes, and learned how to thread faces while I was there. I can safely say my early jobs were such a huge influence on what I do today. 


As soon as I graduated college, I attempted my first office job in tech sales. I grew up in the bay area, so naturally I've always been super passionate about technology too - but I was so out of place. 

I am proud to say now, after 7.5 years of dabbling in my beauty career and getting side gigs, Beauty By Rosheen is taking off. I will be posting new photos on Instagram and posting tutorial videos on Facebook. I will be posting blogs and reviews of trendy products here! Most importantly, I will be dedicating 100% of my time for my clients and brides I'll be working with. 


I can't wait for this new step in my career and to take you all on my journey! Please don't hesitate to reach out in case you want to work on something together, or if you have any general questions, comment below! 


Peace, Love, and Lipstick

- Rosheen